Export Emails to Google Sheets Zapier Email Parser
Rule based setup:

You tell our parser what information you want extracted.
Supported Supported
Templates based setup:

Our A.I. detects the rules for you in your emails from FedEx, Amazon, Zillow, Paypal, etc.
Supported Not supported
Export directy to Google Sheets Supported Not supported
Real time email parsing of new, incoming emails Supported Supported
Automatic extraction of contact info Supported Not supported
Team management:

Security, provisioning, deprovisioning, license assignment, permissions, etc.
Supported Not supported
Parsing reliability 99.8% 90%
Attachment parsing:

*Necessary for legal or real estate attachments.
Yes - all Yes - some
Table parsing Supported Supported
Backup of emails to PDF format Supported Not supported
Spreadsheet merging Supported Supported
Require forward of emails Automatic Automatic via Zaps
Retention Policy Forever (it is in your Google Drive) Up to 60 days
Parse HTML or text content Both HTML and text Text only
Google Workspace Add-on Supported Not supported
Google Chrome Extension Supported Not supported
GDPR Compliance Supported Supported
Support Online docs, email or zoom call Online docs

What is Export Emails to Google Sheets

Export Emails to Google Sheets can parse and export specific data from your emails and attachments, backup emails from, find all bounced email addresses, export contact information to build an email list, and more...